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Company Name:  Select Paving
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Select Paving, owned and operated by Jim, is a driveway and patio company based in County Dublin, Ireland. The main office is based in Fairview Strand in Dublin, with smaller offices in Kildare and Wicklow.

They provide a range of home improvement services throughout County Dublin which includes replacing the front and back of your home. Each project is overseen and handled directly by their own team,, ensuring a high-quality finish to each job.

The paving team at Select can work with a range of surfacing products such as sandstone, limestone, granite, porcelain, block paving, cobble lock, tarmac, asphalt, imprint concrete and gravel stone.

During the free visit, Jim or one of his team can go through all the available options on your driveway or patio to help you make an informed and suitable choice for your home in Dublin.

Driveway Paving Dublin

When it comes to Driveway Paving in Dublin, they provide unrivalled service for laying new driveways. They can replace or extend your driveway area, convert a front garden into a new driveway or resurface an older driveway.

Here are some of the most common questions asked by our clients in Dublin regarding replacing or laying a new driveway.

Q: How much does a new driveway cost in Ireland?

A: A new driveway installation will drastically vary in cost depending on what type of surface you choose. For example, a paved driveway will cost between €50 and €85 per square meter whilst a tar and chip driveway would cost on average

Q: Is tarmac cheaper than block paving a driveway in Ireland?

A: Yes, if you take an average-sized driveway in Dublin, you could save more than €1000 by choosing a tarmac surface instead of block paving the driveway.

Q: What is the cheapest option for a new driveway in Ireland?

A: The two most affordable options for a new driveway are either a tar and chip driveway if you are resurfacing or a gravel driveway for a new driveway. If the driveway is already in place and requires no preparation, the cheapest option is tar and chip, which can be laid directly on top of the old surface which can be as cheap as €25 per sqm depending on the size of the area.

Most Common Types Of Surfacing For Driveways In Dublin

Driveway Paving

Block paving, cobblestones and other types of paving products are all generally referred to as driveway paving. The biggest supplier for paving products in Ireland is Kilsaran, with whom Jim works closely to ensure all the paving products laid are done to approved standards.

Block paving is available for residential driveways generally at a 50mm thickness or a 60mm thickness. You can get 80mm thick paving products, but they are generally used for roads and similar surfaces. 50mm products are more than capable of supporting nearly all types of vehicles you could park on your driveway.

Tarmac and Asphalt

Tarmacadam and SMA driveways are among the most popular options for a new driveway or to resurface your old driveway in Dublin. SMA, which stands for stone mastic asphalt and tarmacadam (long version of tarmac), are fairly interchangeable at this stage. The asphalt finish on a driveway is slightly more dense than a tarmac finish, but from durability and strength, both are on par with each other. You can get tarmac or asphalt dyed in colour for example, red but it will lead to a significant price increase.

Gravel Driveways

One of the most affordable yet traditional styled driveway options is a natural stoned driveway achieved with gravel. Available in a range of colours which are all created by nature, such as granite, gold, autumn or natural mixes. We recommend bordering a gravel driveway to help contain the stone instead of the driveway and to help make the colours stand out in the stone of the driveway. The most common type of bordering style for a gravel driveway is grey brick, cobblestone, granite or gold cobbles.

Tar and Chip

The most affordable option for a quick and cheerful resurfacing project, especially on larger laneways or open driveway areas. It is very fast to be applied with an average 300sqm job being completed on the same day as it is started. We recommend multiple coats of tar on any area which will see vehicles turning such as sharp bends on laneways or drive in / drive out areas.

Imprinted Concrete

This type of concrete driveway is achieved by using a colour dye on top of a standard concrete finish and pressing in a pattern to it. The most common type of patterns we apply to imprinted concrete driveways are cobblestone and fan patterns. You can create a very rustic style or victorian style patio area using imprinted concrete but remember that imprinted concrete can be slippy in wintertime and should only be sealed in dry weather.

Resin Bound Driveways

A more recent innovation for driveway installations that without a doubt is slowly becoming the number one choice for a patio or driveway in Dublin. Resin-bound can be laid on top of a pre-existing hard standing surface that adheres to the surface using a UV resin. The colour options are chosen by the type of chip colour you would like with the most common colours being gold or granite. Available with a cut glass finish as well to ensure extra grip and comes with a 12-year guarantee as well.

If you do need help with choosing a surface, you can rely on Select Paving in Dublin, which are highly recommended for driveway paving in Dublin.

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